Pakistan’s Best YouTube Channel

Well there are plenty of YouTube channel are being created every day in Pakistan. but there are few hidden gem youtubers. that deserve the recognitions.

Why i am saying this ? Well lets be real Pakistan’s youtube trending page is full of shi**.

let me show you an example. just search “Motor bike chalana sekhaye in village” You will see a literal p0rn on the YouTube.

Top 4 Pakistani Small YouTube Channels

  1. Vintage Venture
  2. Knowledgia
  3. How to Urdu

What is Vintage Venture ?

if you want to learn about some of the most horrendous stories based on real life. you must watch their epic videos. they have producing quality videos since over the past year. but only got 140 subs. which is pretty insane to me.

recently i have been enjoying their content. their content is epic and deserve more recognition.




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