How to Accentuate Cleavage

Step 1


Find the right size. Use a cloth measuring tape to measure your band size (under your bust, across your ribcage, and under your arms) and your bust size (the fullest part of your breasts). To deduce your cup size, subtract your band size from your bust size and use the total difference to refer to a standard cup sizing chart, such as

You can also drop by or schedule a bra fitting at any lingerie boutique or department store. The clerk will measure your band size, bust size, and determine your cup size.

Step 2


Make an adhesive bra if you have a very petite bust. Adhesive bras are stretchy, sticky strips of rayon that provide backless support. Cut the adhesive bra one to two inches from the bottom and remove the backing on the remaining piece. While pressing your breasts together with one hand, apply the sticky side of the adhesive strip against the outer edge of one breast (close to the areola), run it on the underside of both breasts, and around the edge of the second areola.

If you don’t plan to wear a cloth bra over the adhesive bra you can wear pasties (nipple stickers).

Step 3


Wear a balconette bra if you have a small to medium bust. This is a type of demi bra, also referred to as an unlined bra, that supports your bust from beneath without showing harsh lines through your top. The balconette provides ample push, but lacks the restraining security for larger bust sizes.

Step 4


Wear a bra with an underwire if you have a medium to large bust. Underwire bras not only help avoid the dreaded droop that bustier women struggle with, but they also provide an extra “boost and press” that accentuates your natural cleavage curve.

Step 5


Wear a push up bra for dramatic cleavage. Push up bras come in various amplification sizes that offer a simple yet effective way to accentuate cleavage for any bust size. They are designed to lift and press your breasts together to create the desired double arch effect, but provide more security than a balconette or adhesive bra.




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