Best ways to get premium WordPress themes for free [Best Hacks]

Finding a good WordPress theme isn’t easy whether is business oriented theme or blog related. it’s always harder to find suitable premium theme for free.

internet is full of nulled & cracked WordPress themes chances are they might be injected with malware. but there are paid themes available as well.

some sites are offering such services like but their themes are way too expensive. their starting price is around 60$ :(

What if i tell you there is a way to get the themes for free ? isn’t that amazing?

Well yeah there is proper legal ways to get premium themes for WordPress. i am going to introduce you to they are providing this service for totally free and it’s totally legal you can find every possible themes that you know from isn’t that amazing.

themepedia started offering this service due to COVID there are so many folks that can’t afford these stuff. they might be running some small online store or blog to earn a living.

how do i know that these themes are trustworthy ? well i know because i am running a personal blog network and i am using themes from




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