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Well there are plenty of YouTube channel are being created every day in Pakistan. but there are few hidden gem youtubers. that deserve the recognitions.

Why i am saying this ? Well lets be real Pakistan’s youtube trending page is full of shi**.

let me show you an example. just search “Motor bike chalana sekhaye in village” You will see a literal p0rn on the YouTube.

Top 4 Pakistani Small YouTube Channels

  1. Vintage Venture
  2. Knowledgia
  3. How to Urdu

What is Vintage Venture ?

if you want to learn about some of the most horrendous stories based on real life. you must watch their epic videos. they have producing quality videos since over the past year. but only got 140 subs. which is pretty insane to me.

recently i have been enjoying their content. their content is epic and deserve more recognition.


Step 1


Tap the green “Phone” icon.

Step 2

Finding a good WordPress theme isn’t easy whether is business oriented theme or blog related. it’s always harder to find suitable premium theme for free.

internet is full of nulled & cracked WordPress themes chances are they might be injected with malware. but there are paid themes available as well.

some sites are offering such services like but their themes are way too expensive. their starting price is around 60$ :(

What if i tell you there is a way to get the themes for free ? isn’t that amazing?

Well yeah there is proper legal ways to get premium themes for WordPress. i am going to introduce you to they are providing this service for totally…

Step 1

Don’t be needy. Remember, people who are cool are not needy or desperate. Instead, try to solve problems yourself whenever you can. If you are not needy, people will want to help you or will ask for your help. This quality attracts people. Neediness is a big turn off unless you’re really in a tight spot.

This doesn’t mean you should act invincible; just don’t beg people for help, act like you can’t be alone, or expect others to fix your problems.

Friendships are great, but don’t act like you’ll die if you have to spend a Friday…

Step 1

Make good use of your agenda. They give it to you for a reason. Don’t only write homework, but make sure to write down other stuff you’ll need to remember (like games, practices, study sessions, etc.). In order to be a successful high school student, you need to have the ability to stay on top of all your activities. Use your agenda to stay organized and follow through with your plans.

Use your agenda to set time limits. If you’re spending more than an hour on that math assignment, you’re clearly not getting it, and are only hurting…

sh a Goal

Step 1

Decide what you want. Your first step is to determine what it is you want to achieve. This can be a big change or small one, but taking some time to think about what you hope to achieve is an important first step to success.

For example, is your goal to be a happier person? To learn to play an instrument? To get good at a sport? To be healthier? All of these are valid goals. It’s up to you to decide what you want.

Step 2

Step 1

Get a copy of the sheet music as soon as possible. The original sheet music for the song typically includes an accompaniment part. If you know how to read music, you can use this to practice the song before you work with the singer.

Even if you can’t read music notation, get the sheet music anyway. Typically, the sheet music provides minimal notation for the accompaniment, such as labeling the chords that are to be played.

The singer may provide additional notations on your copy of the sheet music. These are designed to help you. For example, the…


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